In order to function well we need to be in alignment with our body mind and soul.

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About Me

My Story

I am Christina Goetz,  Soul Coach,  Meditation Teacher, Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Development Trainer. I have over 10 years experience working with international clients. Born in  Germany, I have lived in the US and Ireland before I moved to the UK. My international background and experience helped me to gain a deep understanding of our different cultures and believes. I have over 11 years of Coaching experience with clients over the phone and face to face. I have completed an apprenticeship as Medical Assistant in 2000 in Germany. I am a also certified Meditation Teacher. My medical background helps me to advise people on a non medical basis and bring them back in touch with their divine light.

Education and Background 

1983 born and raised as a Christian in Hessen Germany. My beloved grandfather hero mentor and inspiration died when I was 16 years old. My life slowly started to change.

In 2010 my parents got divorced and my life was never the same again. My whole ground was shaken. I felt heartbroken and what came afterwards was a long journey  of partying, drinking, depression and facing the consequences of a very negative and self destructive believe system. I began to literally run away while traveling the world.

Although I did this with great pleasure, something inside me knew I was running away from reality.  My reality. 

In 2011 my best friend died at age 26 from a rare form of eye cancer which was a total shock to me. I have lost my best friend and companion. Things were never really quiet the same after that when it came to friendships. Most friendships I had were like a short term amazing mind-blowing romance.  Instant connection, passions for the same things, two souls just hit it "off", amazing moments of laughter tears and fun!

It was because I was moving so often and never felt quiet settled within myself, my "gypsy" life slowly began to show it's side effects. 


I have worked mostly in hospitals or medical practices in Germany.

In 2000 I spent some time in Canada and decided to travel. My passion to travel to Canada and the US began!

I moved to Chicago for 11 months to work as an Au Pair/ Nanny.

2012 I decided to move to Ireland and ended up working in Recruitment were I managed a small and fun team.

Following my inner voice in 2014, I moved to Brighton in the UK were I worked in Sales. Note, that Ireland and the UK were not (at all) even on my travel list or places to visit!

In 2015 I moved to Torquay, Co. Devon which was one of the hardest choices I have ever made. Having no friends, no perspective in life, I turned to nature and spiritual books. I finally had to confront myself and the life I have been living which started to not make sense to me anymore. I started to work on myself, learned how to love and respect my self again and taking ownership for the choices I have made along the way. I had to forgive myself first in order to heal and move on.

In 2016 I decided to take a BIG leap of faith. I quit my underpaid 9-5 job to open up my own business as Holistic Coach & Meditation Trainer. I stopped working for other companies and finally started to work for myself! 

I want to inspire and uplift other women with my story and the lessons I have learned along the way to support them and guide them to overcome their fears and start shining from the inside out.


In my 20's I mostly ended up visiting the US. 

I have also visited to a few amazing places in Europe and up until today, traveling is one of my biggest passions.

Every time I got the opportunitiy to travel I have found another piece of myself in another country, It's like putting a puzzle together. I have gained so much wisdom understanding about cultures and people. I have learned yo view stations from a different perscectives, I have learned ancient teachings and believes, It's faszinating and incredible how traveling brought me back to who I really am and taught me so many incredible memories and amazing life lessons. I guess I have always been a little adventure girl.

Why me?

My unique life story and international background helped me to gain a deep understanding how the body mind and soul connection works. I am here to teach help and support you on your journey. 

I am highly intuitive, empathic and teach from many years of experience in different fields such as Mobbing,Depression ,Anxiety, Eating Disorder, Self Harm, Mental Abuse , Physical Abuse , Self Destructive Behavior, Addiction in every kind of form, Mind & Body Connection, Inner Child Therapy - just to name a few. 

I am here to help you to listen to your body and create a balanced holistic way of life.