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My Soul Journey - Christina Goetz


The biggest turning point in my life was my parents’ divorce when I was 23 years old and the death of my best friend whom I was very close to during my early 20s...

The divorce simply felt like the ground was breaking away from me. I had lost the feeling of being grounded. I think both of these experiences changed something in me forever. I experienced this as a really sad and challenging phase in my life, not knowing what to do or where to go next. Today, I rather see it as a big learning curve. Looking back at my life I see things from a different perspective, and the pieces all fit together now.

christina goetz When I was 25, I spent 6 months as an Au Pair in the US. Spending seven months in Chicago and Philadelphia, living away from home with strangers and adapting to a different culture wasn't new for me. I was always drawn to different cultures, places and travelling in my early childhood. Travelling quickly became a passion of mine, up to the point where I was addicted to it and wasn’t able to settle down. I felt stressed and restless and all I desperately wanted was this new fresh kick of travelling to foreign places to escape reality for a while. I felt free when I hit the road, but as soon as I returned I felt empty again. It usually only lasted a few weeks until I had picked the next destination in my head and booked my next flight ticket (usually to the US or Canada).

body mind soul trainer I remember, my schoolteacher Mrs Schneider wrote once in my school book that I used to daydream a lot. I always thought of this as a bad thing, but today I know that daydreaming protected me and kept my spirit pretty much in place. I actually love daydreaming and I still do it daily. For me, to daydream is to visualize my future. It is like meditating. I consider this as really healthy and wish that people would daydream more often. We are so busy these days, especially with social media, our mobile phones and so on, that we sometimes forget to stop and stand still for a moment. Up until now, I have loved to do that. I think that it's a great way of expressing your creative side and also to make your dreams reality. I believe that dreaming, even when we are awake, is very healthy, and I always see every dream as an opportunity to shape it and make it reality.

My spiritual gift developed when I started reading cards and learned to use my intuition. Mainly I tried it out with friends until I eventually signed up for a card reader service where I used to consult with clients and also connect with past souls. Now, I am getting more and more visions such as dreams, hints from heaven in my daily life, secret messages or just my inner voice telling me things. Sometimes, even souls from the other side speak to me in my dreams or are just present with me. I can sense their energy which can be bit scary sometimes. But usually in a good way!

After years of resisting my gifts and fighting my true self, I am finally at peace with who I am and who I will become. I have accepted this beautiful gift of life and have also accepted that I am going along a different path than most of the people I am surrounded with on a daily basis.

childhood dreams Since my childhood I was always asked for help or advice by friends, colleagues, bosses or family members. They naturally trusted me. My gift is to connect with individual spirits to heal them and to guide them towards their truest self. With the gift of being highly sensitive and compassionate it comes very naturally to me to be an advisor, teacher and spiritual coach who can guide you towards healing, releasing karmic patterns and finding peace with the past.

Many people these days are stuck in the past and repeating the same old patterns over and over again, sometimes without even realizing it. If you feel you have a certain scenario repeating itself over and over again or you are attracting the same situation or character type over and over again, this is more likely a karmic pattern. A karmic pattern can only be released if you acknowledge this fact and truly want to free yourself from this repetitive behaviour.

I believe in order to function well and to fulfill our life purpose, we need to be one with our body mind & soul.

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